live your dream as a professional car racer

Are you one of those who admire the thrills and spills of talking to the wind? Was your childhood spent playing with those cute little Hot Wheel model cars and you were dying to sit behind that car steering wheel since your childhood? Or riding that supercar has always been on your bucket list, then this article is meant just for you.


A number of people are born with that adventure and daring side in themselves which is sufficient enough to ignite that spark in themselves to do something as audacious as becoming a racing car driver. For some, it might be the interest that forces them to test the waters first and for others, it might be their passion which forces them to make a thrilling, career filled with adrenaline rush out of it.


Like all professional field demands experience, same is true with professional racing as well. One may join this domain as an adult and can eventually lead the way up to the professional and highly-competitive level.

Below is presented a five-stage level of becoming a professional car racing driver. Follow it by-heart and you will be promoted to the level of the professional racing driver.

  • Kickstart with go-karts- There is a great possibility that the thought of driving a supercar may give you immense pleasure but it’s imperative to test the waters first. Car racing may sound quite interesting but it’s no child’s play. So, if you have a great interest in the professional racing domain then you should first try your hands at Go-karting. Go-karting is an extremely helpful and non-expensive way to judge whether you are actually meant for racing or is it just another interest surfacing on your head.
  • Get real with karting- If you have cleared the first stage successfully then it’s time to play big now. Move on to more larger and professional vehicles and check your extremes each day. Check out about the kart races from a local race track and find out how you can proceed with it. Most race tracks run kart races on a regular basis giving the interested and aspiring car racers immense opportunity to try out their hands on the field. While giving it a shot, focus not just on your driving skills but also consider your reaction time, your capability to anticipate other drivers moving tactics and your counter-reaction to their moves. Above all, what really matters is how well disciplined you are even in the most nerve-wracking situations.
  • Get yourself enrolled in a professional racing car course- After you have gained enough experience while go-karting, its time you should get yourself enrolled in quality racing classes. Most racetracks run learning classes on quite a regular basis in order to give a full insight of the world of professional car racing. You may choose from the variety of courses available ranging from beginner to advance level. Taking professional driving classes not just impart the requisite skills for becoming a professional driver but also open the door to meet important people in the industry who might prove as a blessing of god sometime in future.
  • Try your hands in your car- Prefer getting a car with a manual gearbox as one with an automatic transmission may prevent you from getting your hands on it. You may even invest your money in an older-model sports car but before hitting the race track do not forget to get it verified by a professional mechanic as part of the safety measures. Regular practice will only contribute in you becoming a better and experienced race driver. Also, do supply yourself with adequate safety equipment to counter any unforeseen event. Identifying your weak points and working each day to perfect them will make you more exposed to important people in the industry including sponsors and team owners.
  • Affiliate yourself with a professional Organization- Join any of the sports car clubs and be an active member over there. A number of sports club carry out frequent car race events ranging from basic to advance, serious competitions on the track. Just keep pace with the schedules of various race events and get yourself enrolled in as many races as you want and showcase your talent while feeling the adrenaline rush at the race track.